I analyse things.


I am a Year 2 Data Science and Analytics undergraduate in National University of Singapore, with analytical and conceptual knowledge on data analytics and machine learning. My past internship roles revolves around data analytics, training language based models for accurate text summarisation and web development. I have also worked on numerous personal projects which includes building Neural Networks and statistical models for classification problems.




Predicting Book Genres

I build a RNN with 2 LSTM layers and 1 embedding layer that can predict a book's genre based on its description. I did manual clipping and padding and implemented an embedding layer from scratch. Following, I tuned the hyperparameters of my model various times to compare each performance outcome to achieve the highest validation accuracy.

RFM Segmentation

I used K-Means clustering to segment customers on an E-commerce platform into categories in terms of their Revenues, Frequency and Recency on the platform. This would tell us how different marketing strategies must be employed for different catgeries of customers to reduce churn rate and increase retention rate.

Food Review Analysis

I compared the difference in validation accuracy between using Logistic Regression and Multinomial Naive Bayes as my model to predict if a food review is positive or negative. Some techniques explored in this project includes sample random under-sampling, TF-IDF vectorizers and using Bokeh and WordCloud for in-depth data visualization.

ML Algorithms

The aim of this project was to compare the performance between Accelereated Proximal Gradient and Proximal Gradient method in finding the optimal solution in a L-1 regularised logistic regression. This would be crucial when implementing a recommender system or any system that deals with sparsity of input matrices.

Web Scraping

Getting data is the first step to data analytics. It is an important skill to be able to scrap data from any kind of static or dynamic websites. My web scraping ability is showcased across numerous projects such as scraping book data and food reviews using BeautifulSoup and Selenium. I hope to explore Scrapy in the future.

Web Development

In my free time, I have picked up Javascript, HTML and CSS to enhance my front-end web development skills. Some fun projects I have done include a dice game which can be found on my GitHub, as well as this portfolio website! I have also built multiple websites for my previous companies as an intern.


Data Analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Topic Modelling

Neural Networks